Chic Men’s Shoes to Wear in 2023 

Footwear is an essential aspect of fashion and the wheel of fads and trends are always turning, bringing cool shoe styles to the catwalks. If you are a trendy guy, here is an insight into next season’s favourite footwear styles. 


Combi sneakers – Check out Clarks Shoes for the latest generation of combi sneakers, with cool suede shoes that integrate the sneaker and the casual shoe. Quilted uppers add texture to your look, and wherever you happen to be going, combi sneakers are right for the occasion. Black, brown and beige are all trending, with a fashionable tag that only Clarks offer.  


The sloafer – Perfect for the office, the sloafer is a cross between the loafer and the slipper, which ticks all the boxes. The best place to find top shoe brands is the online retailer, where you will find the latest releases at bargain prices. Very easy to remove, the sloafer is slimline in design and very comfortable for indoor and outdoor use. Slip-ons are gaining traction, as they are so easy to wear and can be taken off simply. 


Two tone sneakers – These have been in trend for a couple of years, with some chic neon sneakers that are wow for evening wear. Thick, non-slip soles are the order of the day, while multi-coloured laces are also popular; search the web for leading Australian shoe retailers and see what new styles they have in stock.  


White sneakers – Paired with denims or corduroy, white sneakers are great for any casual look; chunky soles give you an extra inch or two 


Cowboy boots – Made from Australian leather, these rugged cowboy boots are ideal for the active man that needs some ankle support. Slip-ons are all the rage, which is far more convenient than lace-ups. Of course, it depends on the look you want to create. Check out the latest generation of leather cowboy boots online and place an order. 


Classic black lace-up shoes – Ideal for formal occasions, they do come in various shades of brown, if black is not for you! Patent leather is perfect for formal evening occasions and the best brands can be found online. Every fashion-conscious man should have at least one pair of black classic lace up shoes in his wardrobe; indeed, many men have several pairs of black lace-up shoes. 


Leather capped lace-ups – Caps are in this year, ideal for that classic tweed suit that you wear for those country events. They come in black and range of brown shades to blend well with your suit. 


Oxford brogues – This timeless style will never be out of trend, with leather soles and uppers. For the best selection here in Australia, search the Internet for leading footwear retailers. Good quality brogues are never going to be cheap, but they will stand the test of time if given some TLC. 

There you have it, the top men’s shoe fashion styles for the coming season! Search the web and order now and be ready for the coming summer. 

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