Collagen Dressing Is Proved To Be Beneficial To Treat a Chronic Wound

With age, collagen depletes rapidly, but women suffer more as there is a radical decline in collagen synthesis after menopause. After sixty-year age, collagen decline is normal. Collagen is resorbable, meaning the protein can be broken down, converted and absorbed inside the body. Exogenous collagen can be shaped in tablets, capsules or lattice-like gels. As collagen has a diverse function and occurs naturally in the body, it is clinically versatile and applicable for various medical uses.

Exogenous collagen can be extracted from humans, pigs, cows and sheep. Collagen, when injected as fillers, improves texture and contours of skin and reduces wrinkles and furrows. Collagen fillers reduce wrinkles and lines from the face, diminish scar marks if they are not too deep or have sharp edges. These fillers are most extracted from humans and cows. Before using cow collagen fillers, skin tests must be done as some are susceptible to allergies. Collagen supplements give relative volume to the skin; for more severe cases, silicone, fat or implants are used.

These supplements are keto and paleo-friendly

18 of the Best Collagen Supplements that Work like a Charm comes with various flavors such as vanilla, chocolate and coconuts. These supplements are keto and paleo-friendly which are animal fat and protein-based. The keto diet excludes most fruits with high sugar content, while the paleo diet allows more fruits and natural sweeteners. The collagen supplement does not use gluten, grain, dairy, whey and soy fillers. Some even come in powder form, so you can add to milk to form a soothing milkshake. These amazing supplements improve your skin texture, volume and structure, reduce cartilages joint paint, and provide muscle strength.

Collagen quickens wound healing

Collagen quickens wound healing by restoring new cells in the damaged area. It activates the growth of new cells around the wound. Collagen dressing is proved to be beneficial to treat a chronic wound that does not react to other treatments. It is used in wounds that eject body fluids like sweat and urine. Granulating wounds were on which other tissues grow are also treated with collagen dressing. Rotting or necrotic wounds, full-thickness wounds heal with collagen treatment. Second-degree burns and sites for skin grafting show significant improvement when treated with collagen.

Collagens supplements are beneficial for patients suffering from osteoarthritis, studies conducted in 2006 proves collagen supplement reduce painful symptoms and improve joint function. The collagen is gradually absorbed and accumulated by the cartilage hence rejuvenating the extracellular matrix. The derivations from these studies are not all conclusive.

Proline in egg white, meat, cheese, soya

There are numerous collagen supplements in the form of an ointment, power which claims to rejuvenate skin structure by increasing the collagen level in the body. But the effect is controversial as collagen molecular structures are too big to be absorbed by the epidermis. These products certainly hydrate the skin. These supplements are not categorized under drug, so there is no need for an FDA certificate. Proline in egg white, meat, cheese, soy and cabbage can supplement collagen naturally. Vitamin C in oranges, broccoli, peppers, and strawberry restores collagen level.

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