Custom Printed Makeup Boxes

There are a number of makeup products going around in the market. Refine Packaging provides the highest quality makeup boxes for every cosmetic product type. Our high-tech processing equipment delivers amazing makeup boxes that are printed beautifully with custom designs. Various design customizations are also available for custom Cream Boxes, Lip Gloss Boxes or any other cosmetic product boxes. Now you can make your makeup products stand out on retail shelves boosting sales with attractive designs customizations. You can also order in bulk!

High Quality Protective Materials

At Refine Packaging, we are packaging experts who deliver complete client satisfaction. Our high-quality cardstock materials are available in custom thickness grades. You can also get the option for custom cardstock inserts for your Lotion Boxes, Eyeliner Boxes or any other makeup boxes types. Regardless of the fact that if your cosmetic products are contained in fragile containers or not, our boxes will provide top quality protection. Now you can get reliable and protective Foundation Boxes for your products presenting them just right for customers. All your cosmetic items will live safely inside our top-quality boxes for as long as you need them to.

Exquisite Printing for Attractive Makeup Boxes

Custom makeup boxes are used to establish a relationship between the buyer and the product through the elegant packaging of the products.

When it comes to high quality offset printing, you will not find a better option than us.  Whether you need beautifully printed Eyeliner Boxes, or you are looking for attractive Lip Balm Boxes, we will provide you every packaging option that you need. Our offset printing equipment also makes it possible for many custom-printing finishes, including:

  • Beautiful and accurate embossing or debossing for brand logos
  • Raised ink printing for unique finishes texts or product information
  • Luxurious gold/silver foil stamping perfect for fancy design prints
  • Regular high definition printing for every printing requirement
  • Fancy Design Customizations for Attractive Boxes

Cosmetic products come in many different styles. Some need to be displayed from within their boxes where others need fancy retail boxes. Refine packaging provides the option for a variety of design customizations. Now you can get window Eye Shadow Boxes for a perfect retail display or fully clear front side Perfume Boxes showing off the beautiful containers. We have options for all design customizations that you may require.

Custom Flat Shipping for Boxes in Precise Sizes

For bulk cosmetic product manufacturers, packaging storage is always a concern, as they need large numbers of boxes. For all your Cosmetic Packaging Boxes including beautiful Mascara Boxes or any other ones, we offer custom flat-shipping option. These are very storage friendly and can be assembled quickly into their form. We also have cosmetic packaging in all sizes for all product types. Get the slimmer Eyelash Boxes or chunky large ones for your lotion and cream products. Our options provide solutions for all products at affordable prices in the market.

Help to Create Brand Awareness

Refine Packaging offers special packaging for products that help consumers enjoy and use the company’s products.

It has a great impact on the end users to use these products. As the owner of a company, the main objective is to increase the visibility of the product to reach the maximum number of consumers and increase the popularity of the brand in the market.

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