How to Choose the Right Pair of Formal Shoes for Men?

When it comes to men’s footwear collection, formal shoes are among the most important. Whether it is a business meeting or a family event, a pair of formal shoes can be the perfect footwear for men. For the same reason, it is extremely crucial to purchase such shoes with a lot of things in mind. Instead of being overwhelmed by the thought of which pair to opt for, read this article that will help you buy the perfect pair of men formal shoes.

Here, we will discuss the various factors required to be considered, including fabric, colour, heel, and much more. So without waiting anymore, let us get started.

#1: Go for the right fabric.

When you think of the fabric for men formal shoes, the first fabric that might occur to you is likely to be leather because of its high popularity. Since there are various kinds of leather, you should look at it more closely while buying. In case it is too shiny, it’s highly possible that it is not genuine. Apart from that, you may also consider other fabrics in case the climate in your place is wet because leather gets ruined easily when immersed in water.

#2: Choosing the Colour of Your Shoes

Men’s formal shoes are more commonly bought in black and brown since classics can never go out of fashion. However, with the changing fashion trends, you can consider opting for maroons, tans, blues, or greys since they look astonishing when worn during the day as well as at night.

#3: Getting the Perfect Shape

Square-toe as well as pointed-toe men formal shoes are available in the market. However, square toe ones may not give the right feel and the latter may require you to buy a size smaller. Hence, you should opt for a pair that is a combination of both. This will make your outfit look entirely different.

#4: Choosing the Right Heel Size

While women are commonly more habitual with wearing heels, it is less usual for men to wear heels. Nonetheless, men’s formal shoes typically come with heels of various sizes. So, the best size of the heel to wear is an inch or less. The reason for the same is that if your heel will be higher in size, it will lift your heel too much and the focus on your outfit will unusually be on the lifted heel. In case you’re wondering on buying a flat formal shoes, it is suggested that you go for some heels because casual shoes look good without heels but formals often do not.

#5: Laces or Slip-Ons?

You might be confused between opting for a pair of men’s formal shoes with laces or without. Well, our answer is with Laces. If you are going to go to a family event, slip ons work. However, if it is an event associated with business, shoes with laces are the best. So if you are looking to buy only one pair, you should opt for lace up shoes.

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