Shopping For Silver Rings In Bangkok

Thailand is a favourite holiday destination for millions of people, and many people also love to visit the capital, Bangkok, and enjoy some shopping while they are there. There is some fantastic shopping available in Bangkok, and you can buy all manner of goods, including high-quality silver jewellery. Indeed, Bangkok is a central trading hub globally for finished jewellery and coloured gemstones, so many options are available. Below are some tips to help you find some beautiful silver rings while in Bangkok and how you can get the best price possible.

Stay Away From Shopping Centres

Although it is fantastic to walk around some of the shopping malls in Bangkok and get out of the oppressive heat, you are best going elsewhere if you are looking for bargains on silver jewellery. Jewellery stores in these shopping centres often charge more for their goods because their overheads are high. As such, if you want the best deal possible and the chance to enjoy silver ring wholesale prices, you will want to look for independent jewellery stores off the beaten path.

Learn To Haggle

When you see something you like in one of the small independent jewellery stores or at a market, you will want to learn to haggle to get the best price possible. Haggling is an art that takes practice, and there are unwritten rules to it that you will want to follow. For example, you will want to let the vendor make the first move and ask them for their best price o the silver rings you want to buy. You then need to make a counteroffer and ensure it is not too low, offending the seller. Offending the seller may cause a scene, and the vendor can refuse to deal with you entirely, so you will need to go elsewhere to make a purchase.

Bring Your Passport Shopping

Thailand has a VAT Refund for Tourists Scheme, which you can take advantage of when shopping in Bangkok. If the store you are looking to buy from is a member of this, they can sell their goods to you minus the VAT, 7% of the price. However, not all stores are members, but you can still take advantage of this scheme by getting a receipt and taking it to the airport with you before heading back home. You need to fill in some paperwork and show them the receipt, and they will make the refund for you. If the airport is not too busy, you can usually do this within half an hour and make a saving on your purchase that makes it an incredible bargain.

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