Wearing slippers at home: why it is important?

Not all people are used to taking off their shoes and wearing best slippers for women when they get home. A gesture that for some is automatic, but for others it is a waste of time, laziness often takes over.

There are good reasons for doing this that are not just about hygiene, but also about foot health. But why should it be a good habit to wear comfort flats shoes when returning home?

1- Avoid foot infections: if you wear shoes for too many hours and not just outside the home, it could be harmful to the health of your feet. Shoes for many hours can cause feet to sweat and toenails can expose to mycosis. In fact, the pathogens that cause it proliferate in hot-humid environments such as shoes, especially those made of non-breathable fabrics.

2-Prevent flat feet: Often children who are used to walking barefoot without comfort flats shoes, can encounter flat feet. But for the little ones it is really difficult to wear slippers, so try non-slip socks instead of shoes.

3- Home without bacteria: under your shoes, you can’t even imagine how many bacteria can be. So if you don’t wear your slippers when you come home, the bacteria are transferred to the environment in which you live. This way you prevent dirt from settling on carpets and floors.

4- Long lasting carpets: Imagine walking every day with your shoes on the carpets you have all over the house. Not only will you ruin them, but since they will get dirty more easily, you will have to wash them often.

The washing should be done at certain temperatures, otherwise the bacteria will not go away, therefore tear more easily. Especially women, who use shoes with heels, could ruin the fabrics.

5-Avoid noises: if you walk around the house with your shoes on, you could only make noise to the condominiums who live below.

6- Poor health of the feet: not wearing slippers at home, it does nothing but force the feet to stay tight and not be able to move freely not only outside the home, but also inside. Wearing slippers helps keep your foot muscles stronger.

7- Damage the floors: do not wear best slippers for women, but walking around the house with shoes can wear down the floors, especially if you have wooden parquet in the house.

Useful tips to follow

After having listed the 7 reasons why comfort flats shoes should be worn at home, it is equally important to follow some tips.

The rules must always be respected: if you have guests at home, you must also have them take off their shoes and put on their slippers.

Try putting a mat at the entrance so they can put on their shoes and put on their slippers. Maybe you can keep some at home, without spending too much, which you will wash every time they have been worn by guests.

Wear only quality slippers: prefer those made with quality raw materials. If you take off your shoes, then put on slippers that don’t help your foot breathe, it’s not the wisest choice.

The slippers made of non-breathable material will be an ideal habitat for bacteria, because it will create the right degree of humidity, breeding ground for mold and bacteria. So all of this has repercussions with infection and the likelihood of incurring mycosis.

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