Women’s shoes in men’s style: what to wear with?

The “male image” on the female figure not only does not deprive her of femininity, but, on the contrary, adds a certain piquancy to the appearance. It can be both items of clothing and shoes from a men’s wardrobe. Actually, this article will discuss what to wear with men’s style women’s shoes in order to provide a “tasty” presentation of the outfit.

What kind of shoes have taken root in the women’s wardrobe? Oxfords and derby shoes, loafers and brogues, as well as Chelsea boots, desert and military – TOP-7 of the most popular men’s style shoes.

7 ways to wear men’s shoes for women:

It is quite logical that the presence of male-style shoes in a woman’s wardrobe will create an image free from stereotypes and a little defiant. Perhaps experts will surprise you by saying that with the help of women’s shoes in a masculine style, you can create both a classic and a very feminine look. Now let’s go in order.

Classics in trend

The most famous men alike women’s flat shoes are oxfords and derbies – elements of the classic style. With their help, you can create a laconic look for an office, conference or meeting.

  1. What to wear with oxford shoes? They will be in harmony with a trouser suit, however, to make the image stylish, professionals recommend a shortened version of trousers.
  2. Classic derbies go well with tailored trousers, elegant clothes, trouser suits and a tailored coat. Such men’s-style shoes are interestingly combined with elements of street fashion.
  3. Perforated comfortable sneakers for women look advantageous with skirts, it can be both models matched to the same tone with shoes, and ideas in contrasts. It is customary to wear them without socks. If such minimalism is unacceptable for you, then wear thin socks.

Be feminine in men’s style shoes

  1. Loafers are comfortable men’s shoes for women. What to wear with this model, given that it has no zippers or laces. As a rule, tassels or a leather bridge are the main decorative element of this model. So, what to combine with: a transparent blouse, a leather skirt, jeans and a dress.
  2. Chelsea are boots that are able to create an incredibly light and delicate look. A tandem of a Chelsea model with a heel and a mid-length leather skirt is a great idea for a date. A romantic look doesn’t have to be a skirt or dress. Skinny jeans and a light, airy blouse or a delicate sweater paired with Chelsea boots will look great.
  3. A brutal look with women’s shoes in a masculine style – what could be simpler? Military-style boots will help you here.

Here are the stylish looks: the following shades can be distinguished, which look the most advantageous in such models in a masculine style: wine / burgundy, green and, of course, black.

  1. Deserts are men’s shoes for women, characterized by freedom and slight negligence. Trousers, shorts, loose-fitting clothes are all synonymous with freedom and comfort.

So that your looks do not seem too rude, experts can advise you to create a stylish cocktail of military boots with the addition of floral prints, delicate textures, accessories (earrings, scarf) to your clothes. The choice of a bold and extraordinary personality.

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