Is There Any Difference Between Numbing Spray And Numbing Cream?

Numbing cream for skin and numbing spray is more than essential during a tattoo procedure. You can find hundreds of brands offering these numbing agents. But do these numbing solutions actually work? And is there a difference between numbing cream and numbing spray? We will answer all the basic questions for you.

Numbing spray and numbing cream have the same numbing agents. You can find both nerve deadeners and nerve blockers in sprays and creams. Lidocaine is one of the most common nerve deadeners that work as an agent to block the nerves from receiving the signal and sending it to the brain. All the sensations we feel are due to the hard work of our nerves. So, the numbing agents temporarily close this function of nerves, and we do not feel much pain during the tattoo procedure.

Numbing spray and numbing cream do not effectively numb away the pain but lessen it and make it bearable for us. It is because the numbing agents used for making the numbing sprays and creams do not absorb into the deeper layers of the skin. They function on the topical level. A good numbing cream and spray have a long-lasting effect because of the appropriate quantity of concentration of the numbing agents. You can go for reputed brands of numbing creams and numbing sprays to get the best tattoo experience.

Are they any different or the same?

Most people ask if the numbing spray is any different from the numbing cream and which one is better. Both the numbing agents have the same ingredients but what makes them different is the consistency of their solution and the way they are applied to the skin.

Numbing creams are available in all drug stores and also in online markets. They come in a creamy texture, and they have a long-lasting numbing effect. In terms of numbing effect, numbing cream has the upper hand compared to numbing sprays. You can control the amount of numbing cream you want to use, but you cannot do the same with the numbing spray.

If you spray once, you get a fixed amount of the product, and you cannot lessen that. But one of the downsides of numbing creams is that they are sticky and uncomfortable. You cannot reapply them as much as you want because your skin may become too oily, and tattoo-making can get messy.

Numbing sprays are super easy to apply with only one press. You can use it in the targeted area with ease. You don’t have to apply it with your fingers. Numbing sprays may not be long-lasting, but they can give instant relief when you reapply them on your skin. You won’t feel oily or sticky no matter how many times you use it. Another benefit of using numbing sprays over numbing creams is that they get absorbed quickly and give instant relief.

Both numbing sprays and numbing creams have their pros and cons due to the consistency of the product. You can go for one of them, depending on the type of tattoo and skin area you want.

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