Option of Converting Ashes to diamonds

The first step in the process of turning ashes into diamonds is to separate the carbon that is already present within the ashes. It is possible to send the ashes of humans to a company so that they can be processed, but there are also companies that will pick up the ashes themselves.

In order to get it organised, other people will coordinate the process of submitting documents with crematoriums. After the ashes have been collected and disposed of, the company will initiate the procedure for growing diamonds. The customer is able to track the development of his or her diamond and monitor its progress by subscribing to a monthly newsletter and keeping track of its progress.

After being cremated, the remains may have trace amounts of salts and calcium in them. The remaining components of a person’s body are primarily composed of calcium and salts, with only about eighteen percent of the human body being composed of carbon. It is possible to improve the quality of the carbon that has been extracted by adding regular carbon, which will remove additional chemicals and heavy metals.

The diamonds that can be extracted from the ashes after the removal of heavy metals such as mercury from fillings and metal shrapnel are worth millions of dollars. The ashes can be processed. The fillings themselves contain mercury. There is a good chance that the family will keep these diamonds as a prized possession for a good many more years to come.

Having the ashes of a deceased loved one turned into diamonds is a touching way to memorialise their life and honour their memory. Austin, Texas was the location where the innovative technology that forms the basis of the new process was developed, and the person who did so was a woman with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Adelle made the decision to launch her own company after the passing of a close friend, with the intention of enabling others to memorialise the people they’ve lost in significant ways. Her goal was to enable others to commemorate the people they’ve lost in ways that are meaningful to them.

Because she was unaware at the time that cremation jewellery was not Tracey’s preferred style, she fashioned a pendant in Tracey’s memory to wear in remembrance of her friend. She wore the pendant whenever she thought of Tracey.

Depending on its size and quality, a cremation diamond can be purchased for as little as $695. The price can go up significantly, however. It is even possible for it to be more expensive than a conventional lab-grown diamond because each stone is grown individually to meet the specifications of the customer. This causes the price to fluctuate depending on the market.

In addition to this, these diamonds can be purchased at prices that are more accessible to the general public, which means that the process can be completed for an amount of money that is closer to the lower end of the financial spectrum. Depending on the type of diamond that is desired, the process could take anywhere from seven to eleven months, or even longer.

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